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The HathiTrust Research Center: An Overview

TitleThe HathiTrust Research Center: An Overview
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKowalczyk, S. T., J. Unsworth, B. Plale, R. H. McDonald, and Y. Sun
Publication Languageeng
Abstract The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) is a collaborative research center launched jointly by Indiana University and the University of Illinois, along with the HathiTrust Digital Library, to help meet the technical challenges of dealing with massive amounts of digital text that researchers face by developing cutting-edge software tools and cyberinfrastructure to enable advanced computational access to the growing digital record of human knowledge. The HTRC will provision a secure computational and data environment for scholars to perform research using the HathiTrust Digital Library. The center will break new ground in the areas of text mining and non-consumptive research, allowing scholars to fully utilize content of the HathiTrust Library while preventing intellectual property misuse within the confines of current U.S. copyright law. An overview of the HathiTrust Research Center, the research potential of the center and the technical infrastructure will be discussed.
Location Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Event URL 1
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