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IU GeoServer Demo

GeoServer Software

GeoServer is available at:

MapServer (which used to be Minnesota Map Server) is another implementation: that is an alternative to GeoServer:

For a data source we are using PostGIS, which is a spatial extension to PostgreSQL.

PostGIS is available at:

There are a couple dependencies for PostGIS:

 Proj4 which is available at:
 We are using version 4.7.0 compiled from the tarball source download.
 GEOS (Geometry Engine, Open Source) which is available at:
 We are using the version 3.2.0 bzip2 tarball

NOTE: for both Proj4 and GEOS, if you compile with the defaults, the result is put in the /usr/local/ directory, but not as a directory within /usr/local/ (in other words, /usr/local becomes the Proj4 or GEOS directory). To specify an install directory, be sure to use the --prefix= option when running configure. For example, ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/geos which will install GEOS in the /usr/local/geos directory.

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